When Jean talks about the power of branding, it goes from black and white to color.
Corona Ideas Power of Branding

When Jean talks about the power of branding, it goes from black and white to color.

While you may feel like you’re saving time and money, ignoring your brand identity can cause a loss of sales In the future. That’s because the impact from unclear marketing can drive your customers to buy from your competition. Take a look at examples of campaigns I’ve done that show the power of branding.


A New Company. A New Image.

Great Estates in Miami. I created the look, the logo and the tone of the copy. The result, eye-catching graphics to sell exclusive, one-of-a-kind properties in Florida.

Great Estates

My design and creative services can provide you with new ideas, brilliantly executed. Whether it’s a new logo, new website, digital ads, print ads, brochures, or out-of-home advertising, I find a way to connect, engage and motivate your B2C or B2B customers in new and compelling ways.

Marketing through the lens of an experienced creative director.

Refreshing A Brand’s Website.

Falcon had decades of experience in the aerospace industry but needed to stay out front with a new image. I created a modern look and feel for the web that supported their technological expertise.

Falcon Electronics

Having worked on multi-channel campaigns for big clients at big agencies, and digital campaigns for small clients at small agencies, I’ve come to realize they all have one key element in common. If you don’t think like your customer, you’ll never find their pain points.

Big agency experience without the big agency price tag.

Show Off Your Products.

No fancy offices. No expense accounts. No human resources director. Just one person, working from home, delivering exceptional creative for a very reasonable fee. How refreshing is that?

Falcon Electronics

My objective is to provide clients with a Brand Identity that meets their objectives while working within their means. I have worked as a creative director/VP for agencies such as Chiat Day/NYC, Wunderman Worldwide/Y&R/NYC and Cole & Weber/O&M/Seattle and The Martin Agency/Richmond. I translate over 20 years of experience into each job I do; from brand identity strategies, web, digital communications, logos and print for small to medium businesses.

Jean Corona

Jean Corona

Humanize your brand.

Non-Profit or For-Profit

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is the power to influence people for support. The best way to achieve that is by humanizing your brand and speak to your target audience in “one voice” throughout all channels.

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