icon-inspirationLet’s start by reviewing what happens when a client doesn’t use some kind of “Client Discovery Form” for strategic brand development.

Each new ad campaign involves numerous meetings to review, critique and refine product information until one arrives at the one, most important message that will communicate to the public and convert them into loyal customers.

This process, which can take months,  shows the need for a disciplined strategy in the advertising development process. This means defining the communication strategy in the beginning, before the design, execution or media plan, or web and social media development.

The process that we use is the Client Discovery Form, written with one purpose in mind: to develop a valid and useful profile of your business and help you grow your business through our offerings in business development, marketing strategy, digital marketing and traditional advertising.

Here are some of the questions we ask:

1. What is your positioning statement?

2. Who are your competitors?

3. What is your target market or markets?

4. What is your growth plan?

5. What is your selling proposition?

The true success is ultimately the successful growth of your company. To that end, the initial discovery phase is a valid and time-saving tool for your business.