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The Vision Behind the Brand.

Multi-million dollar companies spend years creating a brand. And thousands if not millions of dollars for advertising. However, if you have a small to medium sized business, that kind of expense is prohibitive, but developing strong brand image is still possible.

How? It’s all about the your vision for your company. What are the words that best describe what you want your business to be, to look like, to act like and sound like to your customers. Start with a writing pad, or your lap top and write down all the words that come to mind that fulfill your vision of your company. Once you have at least 10, start to edit, and then see what ideas remain.

Here are some samples of vision statements of well-known, successful companies.

  1. Make people happy.
  2. Be the company that society wants to exist.
  3. Create a better everyday life for many people.
  4. Nobody should die or be seriously injured in a Volvo.

Can you match the company to the vision statement? 1) Ikea, 2) Disney, 3) Honda, 4) Volvo.

A good vision statement should be exciting and make you a little uncomfortable. It should motivate and invite you to stretch your mind and help others to get focused.

If the final vision statement is a true representation of your dream, development of your company logo and tag line will emerge with the help of a strong creative team, comprised of an experienced Art Director and Writer. The Brand will begin to take on a visual and verbal direction that is clear to the reader. And if the job is done right, the branding of your company or product will be prominent in all marketing materials, whether they are internal or designed for the consumer.

Jean Corona, Corona Ideas, July 30, 2017





Why Use a Client Discovery Form to Define Your Brand?

icon-inspirationLet’s start by reviewing what happens when a client doesn’t use some kind of “Client Discovery Form” for strategic brand development.

Each new ad campaign involves numerous meetings to review, critique and refine product information until one arrives at the one, most important message that will communicate to the public and convert them into loyal customers.

This process, which can take months,  shows the need for a disciplined strategy in the advertising development process. This means defining the communication strategy in the beginning, before the design, execution or media plan, or web and social media development.

The process that we use is the Client Discovery Form, written with one purpose in mind: to develop a valid and useful profile of your business and help you grow your business through our offerings in business development, marketing strategy, digital marketing and traditional advertising.

Here are some of the questions we ask:

1. What is your positioning statement?

2. Who are your competitors?

3. What is your target market or markets?

4. What is your growth plan?

5. What is your selling proposition?

The true success is ultimately the successful growth of your company. To that end, the initial discovery phase is a valid and time-saving tool for your business.

The Future of Long Scrolling Sites Are Here To Stay

The Future of Long Scrolling Sites Are Here To Stay

If you’ve heard the term “above the fold” and wonder if it’s still a valid marketing term, read on.

In the newspaper world, the most important information has always been displayed “above the fold” to catch the reader’s attention. However, the impact of Mobile has changed the way users read and look for information. Long scrolling sites are more common now that a large percentage of the word’s population use their cell phone as a source for information and making purchases.

The narrow screen on a mobile phone has taught readers to scroll “below the fold”. Also research has shown that the old days of tapping page to page has become less appealing and less efficient than scrolling down a page.

Long scrolling sites, which are designed to adapt to mobile, are easy to read and easy to modify. And since content is “king”, the long scrolling platform is perfect for narrative design.

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